What Parents Need to Know About Children Brain Development

Do you know that every child carries their own neurons since he was born. The ability of the human brain is not limited to storing and understanding the environment because in the human brain there are more than 100 billion neurons. These neurons will continue to grow along with increasing age and human experience during life, whole brain development continues to run as long as humans live.

What about children’s whole brain development? Child brain development takes place in the womb for about 36 weeks. In this period a baby relies on his sense of hearing, the baby can hear his mother’s heartbeat, his ears begin to be able to catch sound waves that propagate through the amniotic fluid. Babies receive nutrients from food consumed by mothers, whatever mothers eat will definitely affect baby’s whole brain development.

The baby’s brain starts to mature slowly and leads to the whole process of developing your children’s brain. This period should not be allowed to pass away; a mother must consume nutritious food and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Mothers may not consume foods containing alcohol and smoking because it will affect whole brain development. Child brain development can be conditioned by their mothers since the womb; healthy lifestyle and healthy dietary habits is the key.

Every child’s brain has different abilities to understand the world. Mothers must stimulate children’s brain development every day, Do not give stimulation in a hurry, impose the will, do not pay attention to the interests or desires of the little one. Avoid anger, boredom, resentment, because it will stimulate negative emotions for the little one. In principle, all the words, attitudes and actions of the mother when interacting with the little one are recorded, remembered and will be imitated. Remember! All your activities will be recorded and copied.

Children whole brain development is not a short-term process at all. The development process starts from the beginning of life and stops with the cessation of life. The development of a child’s brain like a sponge, a child’s brain is able to memorize anything more than an adult. This helps children learn more about the environment. Therefore, whatever lessons they get at school they will memorize well.

Finally, children’s whole brain development can only develop well if a good stimulus is carried out continuously. One of the best stimuli is art lessons, whether it’s music, painting, etc. Stimulation can be done every time you interact with your child, every day continuously, varies, according to the development of age and ability. Do it in a pleasant and happy atmosphere.