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Malay Language is one of the Mother Tongue languages that are offered to students across Singapore. Many students encounter difficulties when studying for Malay language. The reason to it is lack of practice and understanding. Not speaking Malay at home is one of the underlying factors as to why more students are weaker in Bahasa Melayu.

Singaporeans are speaking more and more English is not a new phenomenon. Kong (1977) reported how, in the 1970s, parents were choosing to enrol their children in English-medium schools despite the possibility to enter Tamil, Malay or Mandarin Chinese-medium schools. For many Singaporeans, the struggle for economic success transcends their loyalty to their ethnic tongue.

English has become the language of economic success for Singaporeans and with it come all the attractive material gains money and power can buy. However, there is a social cost to all gains. The cost borne by communities shifting to English is the loss of their traditional language.


In line with this increased use of English in Singaporean homes nationally, there has been a steady increase in the use of English in the homes of Singaporean Malays over the years. Most Singaporeans speak English to communicate with the other races and also among themselves. The negligence towards Malay language is increasing day by day. More and more Malay parents tend to communicate in English with their children at home and not giving enough opportunities for their children to practise speaking Malay at home. These parents should consider looking for an effective Malay tuition for their beloved children.

Most Malay students feel that Bahasa Melayu is not an important subject. However, little did they know it will add up to the points when they are sitting for National Examinations like PSLE or O Levels. They need an experienced Malay tutor. They need a reliable Malay tutor. They need a qualified Malay tutor to improve their Malay language grades. Learning languages requires lots of patience and effort. Hence, many parents have been contacting and approaching Dr Elmi Zulkarnain to get their children prepared for PSLE or O Level examinations.

While there are many ways as to how students can improve their Malay or Higher Malay grades, it is best to engage a private Malay tutor in Singapore who is qualified and experienced to guide PSLE and O Level candidates to excel in Malay. Malay home tuition will allow students to understand the subject better according to their learning capacity.


Private Malay tutor like Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman has prepared a curriculum for different learning levels to adjust to different teaching style, content, and format to suit his tutees’ specific goals. He has also developed various programmes tailored to meet different students’ individual needs.

By engaging a dedicated Malay tutor, you can help your child by tuning into his or her preferred learning style and working with your child to determine specific strategies on how to develop good studying practices to learn Malay efficiently.

Do not waste any more time and get the help your child needs. Professional Malay private tutors like Dr Elmi Zulkarnain can instil in your child the love for Malay language. Give your child a good head start. Give your child the opportunity to excel in Bahasa Melayu.

Choosing an inexperienced Malay tutor might affect the child’s approach towards the Malay language. Hence, getting a dedicated and motivating Malay tutor can encourage your child into the path of success.

Your child has an incredible ability to score an A Star or A1 for the Malay Language examination!

Don’t waste it!

Let’s not forget the cultural significance of the Malay language!

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